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Enhanced Medical Centers always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we're thrilled to have collected 47 reviews with an average rating of 4.98 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Enhanced Medical Centers below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

The shooting pain I've had affected every aspect of my life from weight lifting to even sitting or standing. I could not take the pain anymore and decided to call Enhanced Medical Centers. I was diagnosed with sciatica, after the exam I found out I had a tilted pelvis which was putting pressure on my nerves. After receiving appropriate care I have gotten back to my active lifestyle including golf, mountain biking, and working out. I would highly recommend the team here at the office.
Erik N.
After a strenuous camping trip I developed sciatica in my left leg. I went to my physician and he recommended physical therapy. Therapy helped but did not cure the problem. The very first visit at Enhanced Medical Centers helped eliminate the shooting pain in my leg. I have been feeling progressively better with the subsequent visits.
Mary N.
As a result of my care I have seen extensive gains in flexibility, strength and coordination in my golf swing. Since I am currently aspiring to play golf professionally, I feel the single most important aspect of developing my game is overall physical health. I am a steadfast beliver that chiropractic care is the cornerstone of my golf game and my overall health. The proof is in my score! Recently I posted a career low 65, a seven under par total. There is no doubt this is due to the improved balance, coordination and flexibility I have achieved with the care from Enhanced Medical Centers. Not to mention the improved sleep, mental endurance, and overall sense of well being that chiropractic brings to me. I could not imagine my life without the benefits I enjoy from weekly adjustments, which without a doubt are responsible in a large part, if not entirely, for my increased quality of life. I'm always excited to come to the office.The staff is cordial, accomodating and sincere.
MIke R.
At Enhanced Medical Centers, they have great doctors that blend holistic care with medical care to help their patients reach maximum health goals. I suffered a back injury from an auto accident and in 3 months I was feeling healthy again and making great progress back to my optimum health. The Doctors communications regarding diagnosis and care is open and honest. The office staff is encouraging and professional in helping patients set and track their goals.
Jay H.
I had been having severe sciatica problems for several months but that has disappeared within the first 2 weeks of treatment which makes sleeping, sitting and standing much easier and all without pain! I was very impressed with Enhanced Medical Centers the first day I walked into the office.
Diane A.
My name is Sandra and I have a family with two children. So, my life is very busy to say the least. My back has bothered me for some time now but since I started treatments at Enhanced Medical Centers I have been MUCH better! I am not hurting anymore and am much happier as a mother and wife. I am very pleased with the results. Thank you.
Sandra L.
I was having severe lower back pain and sciatica. It was painful to walk, stand, sit, lay and sleep ( I could hardly move). It was found that I had a severely tilted pelvis. As a result of my treatments at Enhanced Medical Centers I can now enjoy all the activities I enjoyed before the pain started like family, hunting, etc. I can now work easier and my energy level has improved! I was also totally amazed after seeing my before and after x-rays. WOW! What a difference.
Jeff T.
I had pain in my leg and could not turn my neck very far in any direction. After receiving treatments, my range of motion is so much greater and the pain in my leg is gone, my posture has improved and I feel much better all over. Treatments work!
Kathy C.
I came in with chronic headaches. Since sticking with my treatments regime, my headaches have gone away and stayed gone and I feel great. Enhanced Medical Centers is the epitome of positive, energetic and sincere. The care is very individualized.
Jody J.
Before coming to see Enhanced Medical Centers I was experiencing constant hip pain and frequent headaches. With my treatment here my pain and headaches are virtually gone! The staff are friendly, caring and highly professional.
Peggy D.
When I first came in, my neck hurt and made noise every time I turned my head. I had horrible headaches! Now, the popping noise and the pain has almost completely stopped and I very rarely have a headache. Also the pain across my shoulders is pretty much gone. I love the staff here! They made it very comfy for me from the first visit.
Debbie B.
I was heading towards future problems like back surgery because my hip and spine were far out of alignment. Now, my spine is much healthier. I am a firm believer in chiropratic, especially the ongoing maintenance. This office is so unlike the usual medical practice. We are treated with friendly, caring respect. I especially appriciate being considered an individual instead of part of an assembly line. Mainly they care about our wellness!
Jerry R.
very satisfied
Ed D.
I had just experienced the most pain-filled weeks of my life with my back and leg hurting so much I could only walk about 100 feet before stopping from pain. After 2 weeks of being seen at Enhanced Medical Centers, most of the pain had subsided. I am continuing to improve and getting closer to being pain free. Thank you to the entire staff for being so friendly and supportive! It has been a great experience.
Andy P.
I've been to six orthopedic surgeons. Each time they took x-rays and gave me cortisone shots. It didnt help. My pain (or spine) caused me to walk lop-sided. I was in constant pain until I found the right help at Enhanced Medical Centers where I began my treatment to help correct my problem. People noticed an improvement in my walking, I played golf again after a hiatus of almost two years. I would recommend Enhanced Medical Centers without any reservation. My pain is not completely gone yet, but is GREATLY alleviated. P.S. I am almost 85 years old
Maurice B.
Enhanced Medical Centers has been truly a blessing to me. I was in great pain with sciatica down both legs. After the third treatmet the pain was gone! Everyone is wonderful and the office is a very friendly place.
Rhoda M.
Before coming to see Enhanced Medical Centers I had terrible stabbing pains in my leg, poor sleep and restricted movement. It was found that my pelvis was twisted and my spine off center. Since beginning care my pain has completely gone away. Now I can continue with my household projects, my range of motion is improved along with my overall comfort level!
Mark C.
I was having severe pain in my hips, legs, knees and feet. I had been on several types of drugs, but nothing seemed to help. My daily activities were restricted including walking, golfing, even my health was being affected. The neurologist told me he could not help me and that I would have to live with the pain. I was referred to Enhanced medical centers by my brother-in-law. After 90 days of my care my movement has greatly improved, most of my pain has diminished, I am walking better and it is not as painful to swing a golf club! Enhanced medical centers has truly proved the neurologist wrong. Thanks for helping me make my life more pain free and enjoyable.
Charles C.
I had been suffering from serious lower back pain for almost 10 years. I lost one inch in height. I was diagnosed with scoliosis. Soon after beginning care I noticed NO PAIN in my hip area. I was not walking like a "see-saw" any longer and I was even thinking more clearly. Meeting Enhanced Medical Centers has truly changed my life. I feel like I have my youthful self back. The doctors have given me hope in being able to live the rest of my life in a healthy frame of mind. Thank you!
Margaret K.
I had chronic neck pain and headaches as a result of an auto injury 20 years ago. My pain worsened over the last 10 years. I decided to try Enhanced Medical Centers after I began having chest pain from too much ibuprofen. In less than ONE MONTH under the care of Enhanced medical centers, I am sleeping better, feel a wonderful state of well being, am energetic and have a sense of humor again. I've tried injections, nerve blocks, P.T and other doctors. Since being treated at Enhanced medical centers my burden of pain has been lifted and consequently I am more optimistic and very grateful.
John C.
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