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When you deal with chronic pain and can’t alleviate it, you don’t necessarily need to turn to surgery to correct it. Regenerative medicine might provide you with relief without putting you at risk of bleeding and other complications associated with surgical procedures. At Enhanced Medical Centers, located in Tempe, Arizona, integrative medicine specialists offer regenerative medicine for patients who struggle with chronic pain that affects their everyday lives.

Regenerative Medicine Q & A

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How does regenerative medicine work?

Regenerative medicine involves the use of your body’s natural healing processes, rather than relying on outside interventions, such as medication.

This type of treatment uses certain fluids and cells, such as amniotic fluid, to promote the growth of healthy tissue to replace damaged tissue. It might provide you with effective pain relief as new tissue grows in the affected area.

What is regenerative medicine used for?

The integrative medicine specialists at Enhanced Medical Centers use regenerative medicine for different types of chronic pain. You might be able to have this kind of treatment if you suffer from chronic pain in your joints, such as your back, knees, or hips.

Your integrative medicine specialist will let you know if you’re a good candidate for regenerative medicine or if you should look into other forms of treatment instead.

What are the benefits of regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine provides you with an alternative treatment option for chronic pain, which might help you avoid having surgery.

The injections you receive carry fewer risks than surgical procedures, such as infections and bleeding. This type of treatment also focuses on natural healing instead of depending on medications for pain relief.

How long do I have to wait for results?

Regenerative medicine provides your body with fluids and cells that encourage healing, but this takes time.

Regenerative medicine isn’t a quick form of treatment for chronic pain. Unlike over-the-counter pain relievers, which usually kick in shortly after taking them, this type of treatment can take a few weeks or even months to work.

How many treatment sessions will I need?

It depends on the cause of your pain, the severity of it, and your body’s natural healing processes.

Some patients only need one treatment session for optimal results, while others need to have repeat regenerative medicine treatments to notice any improvement. Your integrative medicine specialist at Enhanced Medical Centers will provide you with more information on how many treatment sessions you might need.

Is regenerative medicine painful?

Regenerative medicine involves receiving injections, so there’s some mild discomfort that might occur. However, this is usually only slight and lasts for a few seconds or less.

If you’re nervous about discomfort, your integrative medicine specialist can use a topical numbing cream on the affected area before administering injections. Doing so should prevent you from experiencing any discomfort.

If you suffer from chronic pain, please contact Enhanced Medical Centers for more information on regenerative medicine.

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