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Lower back pain that affects you now and then is a nuisance, but when it doesn’t go away, it can become a more significant problem. If you’ve tried over-the-counter medications and other types of home care and haven’t had reliable results, integrative medicine might provide you with relief. At Enhanced Medical Centers, located in Tempe, Arizona, integrative medicine specialists are here to help you achieve relief for lower back pain.

Lower Back Pain Q & A

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What causes lower back pain?

You can develop pain in your lower back for many reasons. Acute injuries, such as tears, can cause this pain to occur suddenly. When you have chronic lower back pain, the cause might be any of the following:

  • Spinal disc problems (disc herniation, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis)
  • Strain from overusing your lower back muscles
  • Underlying joint diseases, such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis
  • Fractures
  • Sciatica that occurs due to pressure on your sciatic nerve
  • Bone spurs

What are the signs of lower back pain?

Lower back pain can vary in terms of severity, which part of your lower back it affects, and how often you experience it.

You might have lower back pain that only affects one side of your back, or you might have pain that’s more widespread across your lower back. This pain might be mild, dull discomfort that occasionally gets worse with specific movements, or it might be sharp pain.

You might also have tingling or numbness in your lower back, leg, or flank.

When do I need medical care for lower back pain?

You should seek medical care for lower back pain that gets worse, doesn’t go away, or stops you from doing your usual activities.

The integrative medicine specialists at Enhanced Medical Centers will evaluate your condition and determine the cause of your pain. Doing so allows them to come up with a treatment plan that addresses the cause and provides you with effective relief.

What are the treatments for lower back pain?

Treatments for lower back pain typically include taking non-prescription pain relievers, applying heat or ice, and avoiding straining your back.

At Enhanced Medical Centers, your treatment plan might consist of other forms of treatment, such as therapeutic massage, spinal manipulation, physical therapy, and cold laser therapy.

Your integrative medicine specialist will determine the most suitable types of treatment for lower back pain based on the cause of it and how severe it is.

Do I need surgery for lower back pain?

If your lower back pain is severe and you can’t find relief, surgery might seem like your only option. However, the integrative medicine specialists at Enhanced Medical Centers will recommend trying other forms of treatment instead, such as massage therapy, since these carry few risks.

If you need treatment for lower back pain, please contact Enhanced Medical Centers to make an appointment with one of our integrative medicine specialists.

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